Prudently invested - correctly taxed

As tax legislation differs so much from one country to another, we offer clients of St.Galler Kantonalbank individual taxation advisory services for their country of domicile. We draw up complete tax statements for our clients in Switzerland or abroad and collect refunds of both Swiss and foreign withholding taxes.

Your situation

Do you simply not have the time to compile all your income and asset documents each year? Do you need a list of all your taxable income for the Swiss or a foreign tax authority? Do you want to have your Swiss tax forms filled in by experts and benefit from their extensive know-how?

Our solution

We offer our clients domiciled in Switzerland the following services:

  • Tax advice: Individual and tailored to your needs
  • Tax returns: Filled in by our specialists. You benefit from our know-how and also save time.
  • Tax certificates: Upon request, we can deliver comprehensive tax certificates each year, making it easier for you or your tax advisor to fill in your tax forms. The tax records contain all the information of relevance to income and wealth tax.

For clients domiciled in Germany, we can deliver an income statement upon request as well as the «KAP» and «SO» Annexes with all the relevant tax data, making it easier for you or your tax advisor to file your tax returns.

Upon request, clients domiciled in other countries can receive a yearly tax statement in the currency of their choice. This contains all the tax-relevant data, making it easier for you or your tax advisor to fill in the tax forms.

Also, upon request, we can draw up the relevant applications for refunds of Swiss or foreign withholding taxes.


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