Frequently asked questions

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, you should be able to find a detailed answer in our FAQ section.

Selecting the notification mode when sending a payment order
Select the notification method you prefer under «Charge notification».

Setting the default notification type

You can set the default notification type under «Settings» as follows:

  1. Select «Basic settings».
  2. You can select the notification type you want under «Charge notification».
  3. Click on «Save».

Before you log in again, please delete your temporary internet files under Tools / Internet options.

This error also appears if you cannot access secure sites.

Please change your security settings:
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools / Internet options and click on Advanced, then click on SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 and, if they are there, TLS 1.0 and PCT 1.0 under "Security". Do NOT click on "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".

This error message can also appear if the security settings, such as your firewall, anti-virus software, etc., allow the page.

The orange deposit forms (also known as an ESR) always has "do not add comments" in the top right hand corner. It also has a long number on the right-hand side. This is the reference number which incorporates the customer and the invoice number.

The red deposit form (also known as a "GIRO"). has a payment reference field in the top right corner. You can enter references such as the invoice number in this field.

If your payments are visible in your account statement, then they have been made and can no longer be amended or deleted.

All payments you have made via E-Banking over the last 90 days are displayed in «Archived payments» under «Accounts/Payments». If you cannot find a payment in this way, it has not been properly recorded or sent.

If there are insufficient funds in your account, your payments need to be approved by your customer advisor. Please contact your customer advisor if you have any questions.

The details of E-Banking transactions are not displayed if they are wage payments, if you have requested a «Summary statement, no details» or if there are more than 99 items.

The details of credits made through deposits at the post box or using orange deposit forms are also not shown.

Details of other payment orders, BESR credits and account fees are not generally shown.

In Internet Explorer, you can delete the browser cache under «Tools» - «Internet Options» - «Temporary internet files».

PDF files are saved in a different place on every computer. You need to delete the relevant PDF files manually from within the correct folder.

To define a default account, go to «Settings» / «Basic settings» / «Default account», select the account desired and click on «Save».

You can also select the account desired under «Debit account» when you submit a payment order.

You can define your default portfolio for your e-banking contract under «Settings» / «Portfolio settings».

When making payments abroad, make sure that the beneficiary details are complete (surname, forename, address). The bank cannot process payments to EU/EEA countries without the beneficiary's IBAN* and BIC** numbers.

IBAN*: Stands for International Banking Account Number. This is a standard account number format to simplify money transfers within the EU/EEA.

BIC**: Bank Identifier Code for the beneficiary bank. The following codes are valid as bank codes. Bankleitzahl BLZ (DE), Swift code, BIC, ABI / CAB Number (I), sort code (GB), FED-Wire / ABA (USA).

Stock market orders can be issued through E-Banking at any time. However, they can only be processed on bank working days between 08:00 and 18:00.

You can find an overview of stock market orders issued under «Stock market» / «Order book». When you process them further, please note the order status of your stock market orders.

Stop-loss orders are only possible if you have activated «Advanced stock market orders».

To activate this function, proceed as follows:
In the «Settings» / «Basic settings», activate the «Advanced stock market orders» field. Save your settings by clicking on the «Save...» button.

Stock market orders cannot be amended directly. They need to be deleted and re-recorded by the Customer Advisor. Stock market orders can only be cancelled if they have not yet been processed by the stock market. Go to the «Order book» menu to display all your stock market orders and their statuses.

Important! Only the bank can cancel your stock market order. Please contact your Customer Advisor.

If the security number you want is not available in e-banking, please contact your bank. The bank will publish the security number for you.

Your portfolio is updated daily (overnight) or when an account or deposit transaction is completed. Stock market prices are the closing prices for the previous day.

The fact sheets on your assets can be displayed by clicking on the PDF symbol under «Assets» / «Overview of assets». The fact sheets on other securities can be found in the «Stock market» / «Buy» menu after you have done a security search.

Bank documents sent to you electronically can be found under «Bank documents» in the «Inbox».

You can set up an e-mail or SMS alert system to notify you of new bank documents. You can change the settings by going to «Services» / «SMS/e-mail» / «Inbox» / «New message».

To contact your customer adviser via e-banking, go to the top of the e-banking window and click on «Inbox», then go to «Messages» / «Compose new message» and enter your message. To attach a document, click on «Browse», select the document desired and click on «Open». Then, select «Attach» and then «Send».


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